Media Life Journal Entry #1

So, I would like to start up a blog that’s about what I learn from my Media Life course at Indiana University- Bloomington. Thus far, the course has been interesting and brings technology, and how we incorporate it in our daily lives, into a new light. With this blog, I am going to discuss a topic that we have covered per entry. For this one, I really would like to reflect on how we view digital communities. First off, do we even really think about social networks as a community? Not really, but really they are. Heck, they pretty much have replaced actual communities with how addicted we are to things like Facebook. Facebook is huge. It’s pretty much the main hub for all communities. It has pages and groups that house central ideas that a large amount of people share. This is a way where people can create a web of personal relationships. It’s also a great way to make new friends easily. It’s also known that the more you use Facebook, the likelier it is to make new friends. One strong positive about online communities is the fact that you communicate with others without fear of embarrassment or social obligation. You can be yourself and not worry about negative opinions. Even better, you can remain anonymous! And of course, you can control what is said and when it’s said. You can’t go wrong. 

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Hello world!

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